Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheetah/Leopard Needlework Set - Biscornu

The final installment of the Cheetah/Leopard Needlework Set - the Biscornu!

Cheetah/Leopard Biscornu Top pdf

Cheetah/Leopard Biscornu Bottom pdf

Cheetah/Leopard Biscornu Bottom 2 pdf

Cheetah/Leopard Needlework Set - Needle Case

Here is the matching Needle Case for the Cheetah/Leopard Needlework Set. That just leaves the Biscornu to post, hopefully I will get that done sometime today!

Cheetah_Leopard Needle Case pdf

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cheetah/Leopard Needlework Set - Scissors Fob

A new Cheetah/Leopard Scissors Fob to match the other pieces in the needlework set, slightly different than the first one.

Cheetah/Leopard Scissors Fob New

Missing Bunnies Found!

Well, it seems there were some bunnies missing in action! I had the wrong link for the Roberta's Bunnies Scissors Fob Front so the back chart was linked twice. It is now fixed (I made sure!!) and I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks so much to Christa from France for letting me know!!! Christa, please email me at: xstch crzy 2 @ yahoo . com (without the spaces, of course.) so I can thank you personally. I'm adding the correct link to this post, also, to make it easier for those who have already tried downloading the first one.

Roberta's Bunnies Scissors Fob Front

Cheetah/Leopard Needlework Set - Scissors Case

Yes, I do know the difference between leopard spots and cheetah spots. Unfortunately, Gingher doesn't. The print on the beloved Cheetah Scissors is actually a leopard pattern but that doesn't sound quite as cool as Cheetah so.....Cheetah it is! Of course, this set is designed to go with the Gingher Designer Series Cheetah Scissors, as I'm sure you guessed. If you don't have a pair, don't despair - these are not a limited edition so are still readily available through needlework shops, etc. And if your budget doesn't allow for those - any embroidery scissors should work! The set is designed to be stitched on 18 count or 36 count over 2 in order to fit your scissors.

Cheetah Scissors Case Front

Cheetah Scissors Case Back

I'm Seeing Spots Before My Eyes....

Before I started the Roberta series I had been working on another needlework smalls set. I made so many variations and revisions that I just about went crazy over it. Well, maybe I did actually go crazy but it's too late to do anything about that now. ;0) I finally had to take a break from it to be able to look at it more objectively to decide what the final versions would be. I think the final decisions are made so I will begin posting the charts later today. In the meantime, here is a small preview of what's coming.

Thanks for Asking, But.....

I have been asked if I have a newsletter and I must answer no, I don't. I have thought about having one before but I quickly realized I wouldn't have time to do one and what would I say? I love reading stitchy newsletters, keeping up with what's new, etc., but since I don't have anything to sell, no club or guild news (I don't belong to any) to report and no classes to offer, it wouldn't be much of a newsletter. I'm doing good to just blog every now and then. But, thanks very much for asking because I know it means you are interested and I really appreciate that!

It has also been suggested that I set up an SAL with some of my charts. That's a great idea.....for someone else. The problem is I am a dropout. Not just a dropout but, a serial dropout. In January of this year, I signed up for three (yes, that's 3!) SAL's and I was sooooo excited to do them - I loved the projects and couldn't wait to get going on them! I did actually start stitching on one (yes, that's 1!) of them. You can see the project here and you can see the graduates' projects here. And here is my progress at the beginning of March......

Now, I have made a lot more progress since this photo....but I'm still not finished with this tree!!! The crazy part is, I love stitching on this - the silk feels wonderful and I love the chart but I just never seem to find much time to work on it. And now you see why my designs are small, quick to stitch projects - they have to be for me, the Serial Dropout! However, if someone else would like to set up an SAL using some of my charts, they are more than welcome to do so and I will be glad to add a link and updates here but I can't be trusted to run the show. I do have a new needlework smalls set starting that might work for something like that.......

Roberta's Flowers Scissors Fobs and Biscornus

The Roberta's Flowers Scissors Fobs and Biscornus close out the Roberta series. All of these charts can easily be adapted to work with the other Gingher Designers Series Scissors by just changing the colors to match the particular scissors you wish. I keep thinking I will work up a color chart for each pair (it's on my "To Do" list!)....well, one of these days....! I would love to see what you come up with!

Roberta's Flowers Scissors Fob Front

Roberta's Flowers Scissors Fob Back

Roberta's Flowers Fob 2 Front

Roberta's Flowers Fob 2 Back

Roberta's Flowers Biscornu 2

Roberta's Flowers Biscornu

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roberta's Bunnies Scissors Fobs & Biscornus

The series continues with the bunny versions that my friend Barbie requested. There are several variations of these and I couldn't decide which ones I liked best so I'm posting all of them.

Roberta's Bunnies Scissors Fob Front

Roberta's Bunnies Scissors Fob Back pdf

Roberta's Bunnies Fob 2 Front

Roberta's Bunnies Fob 2 Back

Roberta's Bunnies Biscornu

Roberta's Bunnies Biscornu 1

Roberta's Bunnies Biscornu 2

Roberta's Pups Scissors Fob and Biscornu

I just love working with these colors! (It made perfect sense when I realized they match the colors in my blog!!) Anyway, here are the Roberta's Pups charts as promised. I'm also experimenting with posting the charts as pdf files instead of the jpegs. Please let me know which is preferred. I think the pdf's are better and easier to use and have wanted to post that way for a long time, I just hadn't taken the time to set everything up to do so. What do you think?

Roberta's Pups Scissors Fob Front

Roberta's Pups Scissors Fob Back

Roberta's Pups Biscornu

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photo from Lori

Lori sent a photo of her finishes of two charts, Hummingbird Scissors Pocket and Guiltless Dragonfly Scissors Pocket. I just love the colors she chose - it's fun to see how different designs look with a different color scheme! Thanks for sharing your photo, Lori!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Roberta's Cats Biscornu

Here is a biscornu to match the Roberta's Cats Scissors Fob. A friend has requested one with bunnies so I will try to work on that one and one with dogs this week. They will use the same color scheme so they will also match the Roberta scissors.

Roberta's Cats Biscornu pdf

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Many Thanks!!!

I want to take a few moments to thank everyone for their encouraging comments. It is very gratifying to know that so many enjoy the simple charts I post and many take time to stitch them. It is fun for me to see the finished projects scattered around the web on different blogs and photo albums all around the world. There are so many talented designers out there, not just the published ones, but many who generously share their charts on their own blogs and websites as a hobby. There are some great ones out there! Thanks for making my little blog one of your stops!

Roberta's Cats Scissors Fob

As a small break from the fall charts, here is a fob for the new Gingher Designers Series Scissors named Roberta. Lots of new scissors out right now, which means lots of new fobs to do!!! ;0)

Fall Harvest

New version of an old design I did back in 2001.

Pumpkin Fob

I better get the fall charts up before it's too late!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Guiltless" Dragonfly Biscornu and Needlecase

I thought I would round out the "Guiltless" Dragonfly set with a biscornu and needlecase. I guess I need to do the same for the Hummingbird set!

I am always amazed at how much difference a few stitches can make. I changed the corners slightly for these charts but if you already stitched the fob and want the outline corners to match it, here is the corner variation.

Swirly Acorn Fob