Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cross Stitch, Coffee & Cats

I've charted the cat, cup and needle in case you can't find buttons or charms for them.

Smaller Octagon Snowflake Fob

Here is the smaller version of the Snowflake Fob - it should work better for 14ct to 16ct or 28ct to 32ct over 2 threads.

Pictures from Aury

Aury sent pictures yesterday of two of my charts (here and here) stitched up and finished and I'm very happy to post them here! Thanks, Aury! Please check out her blog - she has lots of cute charts and is starting a new series of seasons charts, starting with a snowflake. http://aurytm.blogspot.com/ She and some of her friends have established a Spanish blog to show completed projects stitched from freebie charts found on the Internet - don't miss it! You can find it here or http://bordandofreebies.blogspot.com/.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stork Scissors Square


This is another of my favorite charts. I've used these same motifs for several projects. I thought this would make a nice top for a wood sewing box or something along those lines. I've used these same motifs for a stitching set which I'll post later on.

Snowman Scissors Fob

Snowman Mug Insert

Another of the "lost" charts. This was designed as an insert for the plastic mugs you can find in the hobbies and crafts stores. He would make a great scissors fob also by using part of the design - I'll try to rechart him that way also.

Gingerbread Treasure Bag

Another of the "lost" charts designed several years ago. It was stitched up on white opalescent lugana and made into a drawstring bag to hold a small gift.

Gingerbread Man Scissors Fob

Cold weather and fresh baked cookies go hand in hand! I designed this fob several years ago but never got him stitched up - he is one of the "lost" charts recently found in an obscure folder on my computer.

Octagon Snowflake Fob

After a really warm fall we finally got a cold snap to remind us it really is late November after all. So time to move on to winter themes for awhile. First up is a snowflake fob. I would suggest using 18ct or 36ct over 2 threads for this or it will be a little big for a scissors fob. I plan to make a smaller version of it in the next day or two.

Gone Stitching Scissors Fob

A quick to stitch scissors fob, easily adapted to whatever color scheme you like. I love needlework tools (especially scissors!) and love charts that depict them.

Fern Frond Chart

I've been looking for a fern frond to stitch for my living room to go with some framed prints. I haven't come across what I wanted so I finally charted one myself. I picked up a piece of Waterlilies Jobelan and some Belle Soie silk in Creme de Menthe to stitch it with. I'm anxious to get started on this one - maybe after I finish posting a couple of charts tonight!

New Charts Coming Up!

I'm hoping to get several charts posted tonight and tomorrow. Some are brand new and some are older ones I've been trying to find for awhile. I knew I had saved them off of my old computer but tracking them down wasn't easy. The disadvantage to having three hard drives in one computer is there are lots of nooks and crannies for files to hide in! I hope there will be enough variety in the charts that everyone can find at least one they like. Of course, new charts mean new stash needs to be stocked - which I did earlier today. I picked up some fabrics and silks to try out, so now I need to get busy stitchin'!

If anyone stitches any of the charts and wants to share a picture of it here, I would love to post it. I have added my email address to my profile just in case.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scissors Addiction and Scissors Crosspatch Chart

Confession time. I've been much more interested in scissor-collecting than stitching or designing lately. However, it is getting more and more difficult to find scissors I don't already have so I guess that will have to go on the back burner for awhile. So today's chart is a combination of recent interests - scissors, cross stitch, designing and monochromes. I never was very interested in monochromes in the past because I love color - lots of color! But lately, I've become quite fascinated with the complex simplicity of the designs, if that makes any sense. To convey the beauty of the picture without using color for detail and shading is amazing to me. And, of course, with all the beautiful threads and fabrics available today, there is plenty of opportunity to incorporate color and still maintain the monochrome simplicity. I am quite pleased with this chart which is surprising because I'm my own worst critic. I just finished the chart this morning so it hasn't been stitched yet - I hope to start it this evening when I get back home. The words are "scissors" in seven languages and I'm sure I'm not the only stitcher out there that loves and collects embroidery scissors.