Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Seahorse Scissor Fob/Back of Mermaid Fob

I used this design for the back of the Mermaid fob but it could easily be used for a quick-stitch scissors fob on its own. (The alphabet I used is a favorite of mine, but it is no longer available to download from the publisher's website.)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mermaid Scissor Fob

My friend Beth is an amazing stitcher. I cannot begin to count all the gorgeous Mirabilia designs she has stitched since I've known her. I don't know how she finds the time and perseverance to stitch those beautiful, detailed and huge designs! (Anything 80 x 80 falls in the large category, 100 x 100 or more is in the huge range as far as I'm concerned!) As soon as I saw her Mirabilia mermaids framed and hung, I decided I would like to make a mermaid fob for her. It's funny, she doesn't hesitate to tackle those large projects but is hesitant to stitch something small like a scissor fob - that's okay, though, because that's where I come in! I finished the chart back in November but didn't get to stitch it until the end of March. I managed to work in all the things I like the least about cross stitch - a few partial stitches (only 4), one over one stitches (the seahorses), beads and back stitching. Sigh......you would think I would learn to leave those things out!

                                        Mermaid Scissor Fob pdf

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

GONE!?! ...Moved....

Sadly, I lost my .com domain name because I forgot to update my card expiration date for my automatic renewal. Sigh... I would really like to have it back but since this is just a hobby, I refuse to pay a ridiculous price to get it back. So...I have a new web address:  www.xstitchhappy.net. I also have www.xstichhappy.com in case there are other people out there who mistype like I do. (I always miss typing the second "t" in stitch!) The second one forwards to the .net address, as does my blogspot.com address so hopefully I haven't completely disappeared! The worst part is that I can't even leave a message at the old address redirecting to the new one so it just looks like I have closed it down. If you are reading this, you have somehow managed to track me down and I thank you for your efforts and apologize for the inconvenience!