Sunday, November 30, 2008

Drawing Number 3

I decided to offer another chance for a Pattern Maker CD this week. I think these are so cool and useful! (I will offer something different next week - just for a change!) So, if you missed out before, try again!

Leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch Starter Level CD which includes 150+ motifs and alphabet from Kooler Design Studio. (Same design software as before, but with a different collection of pattern motifs.) I'll announce the winner next Sunday evening (December 7, 2008) so be sure to check back to see if your name was drawn. The winner will need to contact me with their mailing address so I can send it on its way.

And This Week's Winner is......

Janice and Gerald!

Congratulations, Janice! I hope you will have lots of fun with the software - maybe you'll decide to do some designing yourself - I would love to see what you come up with! Please send me your mailing address so I can get your prize on its way to you!

Thanks to everyone for entering and don't forget to try again!

Floss Tag Finish From Lori

Lori stitched the Gingerbread Man Scissors Fob, finished as a cute floss tag and sent photos to share. She stitched it on 28 ct opal Jazlyn and added Mill Hill beads around the edges, for his eyes and his buttons. It turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing the photos Lori! Check out Lori's blog for lots of cute finishes - she has been very busy!

Needlework Set Photos from Estela

Estela stitched all four pieces of the Busy Bees Needlework Set and sent pictures for me to post here. I'm so glad she liked the charts enough to stitch the whole set! Great job, Estela! Thanks so much for taking the time to Stitch and Share!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Photo from Outi

Outi has given me permission to borrow a photo from her blog of her finished version of Three Pumpkins Scissors Fob. She finished it as an ornament instead - I think it looks great! Thanks for sharing, Outi!

Photos from Wilma

Wilma has shared photos of her recent finish and I'm happy to post them today! She stitched the Octagon Snowflake Fob with DMC Variations on 14ct light blue aida and finished it as a bourse. Didn't she do a lovely job on it?! I so appreciate seeing the variety of finishes for the simple charts I share - it makes each project seem so fresh and new! Thanks so much for sharing the photos, Wilma - I'm looking forward to your next finish!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Photo from Lisa

Lisa has kindly shared a photo of the Hummingbird Scissors Pocket that she stitched recently. Isn't it pretty on that fabric? She said she would send a photo of the completed scissors pocket once she finishes it. Now the pressure is on for me to get mine stitched together, also! Thanks for sharing the picture, Lisa, I can't wait to see it assembled!

On the Flip Side

My last two exchanges for the year were sent out this month. The first one for the HoE floss tag exchange is still traveling, I guess - or it is MIA. I'm hoping it's just taking the scenic route to its new home and will eventually get there. The other one made much better time - just a couple of days to find its way to Vonna (for the same small exchange that I received the gorgeous pinkeep from Becky!) I've been busy with the Tiny Treasures Exchange setup so I've neglected this blog for far too long, so I will start on the road to recovery by posting the pictures of the exchange for Vonna.

I originally planned to stitch another Prairie Schooler chart very similar to the one I did for Cathy B for the HoE Prairie Schooler Exchange. I had the fabric, all the flosses and the chart ready to go, and then.....I changed my mind, just minutes before I was to begin stitching. I had planned to get it all done and on its way early for a change but I received a note from the Brooke’s Books Interactive Group that a new chart had been posted so, of course, I had to check it out. I just loved it and decided to stitch it instead (because Cathy B was in this same exchange I thought it would be nice to stitch something different, anyway.) Of course that meant a bit of a delay getting started since I needed all new colors of floss, some new embellishments..... You get the picture! Needless to say, I just barely made the mailing deadline but it was a really fun design to stitch and it turned out well. Vonna seemed very pleased with it, too, so I'm glad I made the switch.

Autumn Pantry Challenge Chart by Brooke Nolan (Brooke's Books) Stitched on Wichelt/Permin Lambswool 18 count Linen over 2 using DMC floss, Swarovski Crystal topaz montees, Mill Hill Sunflower Button, and red and white size 8 seed beads. I used the same backing fabric (this was the perfect fall fabric - it went wonderfully with everything!) as I did for Cathy B's flatfold but I forgot to take pictures of the back this time.

And here is the whole exchange : a Cricket Collection chart and Cheetah scissors from Vonna's wishlist, six tins (because she loves tins), some ribbon for finishing and a couple of pumpkins just for fun.

Vonna has much better pictures on her blog (here). She seemed to be quite pleased with the exchange - always a relief to know the recipient likes what you chose!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Drawing Number Two

I ran across these design cds on clearance sale and I just couldn't pass them up! Even though I didn't need them myself, I thought they would make great gifts for exchanges or in this case, drawing prizes. So, of course, in my usual "reasonable" fashion, I bought all they had left! So I will be offering several different ones as prizes here. There will be some other items, too, but I think these are a great opportunity for others to try their hand at designing - but be warned - it can become addictive!

Leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch Starter Level CD which includes 150+ motifs and alphabet from Kooler Design Studio. (Same design software as last week, but with a different collection of pattern motifs.) I'll announce the winner next Sunday evening (November 30, 2008) so be sure to check back to see if your name was drawn. The winner will need to contact me with their mailing address as soon as possible.

And the Winner is.....

Crafty T! Congratulations, Natasha, you are the winner in this week's drawing! Please email your mailing info as soon as possible so I can get your prize on its way to you!

Thanks so much to everyone for entering the drawing. If you really wanted to win the software, don't despair! I have several more to offer so you'll have several more chances.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cute Finish from Sarah!

Sarah A. sent photos of the cutest little humbug ornament she made using the Snowman Mug chart that she cleverly adapted! She used 14-ct Navy Blue Aida and the recommended colors and made the hanger using white Mill Hill beads. I just love the way this turned out! I would never have thought of doing this and I am constantly amazed at the creativity of stitchers everywhere! Thanks so much, Sarah, for sharing the pictures! She doesn't have a blog but you can see more of her stitching in her photo albums here.

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Exchange Group Started

I have decided to start a small exchange group just for small needlework accessories. (HoE is a great exchange group but it is hard for new people to get in because it is usually full.) Several people expressed interest the other day when I mentioned it on the blog so I have set it up and we'll see how it goes! I've never run an exchange before but I will do my best to make it fun for everyone. If you are interested in joining, please check the Tiny Treasures Exchange blog and be sure to read the guidelines before signing up. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This Week's Drawing

Have you wanted to try your hand at charting your own designs? If so, you may be interested in this week's drawing. Leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch Starter Level CD which includes 150+ motifs and alphabet from Kooler Design Studio. I'll announce the winner next Sunday evening (November 23, 2008.) so be sure to check back to see if your name was drawn. The winner will need to contact me with their mailing address as soon as possible.

On Your Mark....Get Set....Go!

I have finally decided on the details of the drawings and giveaways that I have planned. The contests will run from now until January 1, 2009. Why so long? I realize that this is a very busy time for most people so I decided to allow extra time for some of the events. There will be several drawings and you may choose which ones to enter. You may enter all of them if you wish. Some of the drawings have extra requirements so be sure to read the rules for the ones you choose to enter. Are you ready? Let's go!

Cheetah Needlework Set Drawing - Stitch and finish the entire Cheetah Needlework Set consisting of Scissor Case, Needle Case, Biscornu and Scissors Fob - email photos of the entire set to me to post on the blog and you will be entered in a drawing for a pair of Gingher Designer Series Cheetah Scissors. All entries for this drawing must be emailed to me by Jan 1, 2009 and the drawing will take place on Jan 4, 2009. Email the photos to xstch crzy 2 @ yahoo. com (omit the spaces) with Cheetah Needlework Set Drawing in the subject line.

Stitch and Share Drawing - Stitch any of my free charts on this blog and email a photo I can post and you will be entered in a drawing for a pair of Gingher Designer Series Cheetah Scissors (this is a second pair - not the same one as listed above.) For every chart you stitch and share a photo of, you will be entered in the drawing - stitch 3 charts and your name will be entered 3 times, etc. (If you have already emailed me a photo and I have already posted it, you will be entered for that photo.) And yes, if you enter the Cheetah Needlework Set Drawing you will have 4 entries in this drawing as well so you have twice the chance of winning. All entries for this drawing must be emailed to me by Jan 1, 2009 and the drawing will take place on Jan 4, 2009. Email the photos to xstch crzy 2 @ yahoo. com (omit the spaces) with Stitch and Share Drawing in the subject line.

Everyone that emails a photo to enter either of the drawings above will receive an exclusive chart from me as a thank you gift.

If you have emailed a photo to me already and I have not posted it, either I wasn't sure I had your permission to post it or I may not have actually received it, so please send it again - I don't want to miss anyone. (I have my blog set to email me every time I make a post to my blog and it keeps going to my spam folder!!)

And next....I am going to hold a drawing every Sunday evening through January 4, 2009. I will make a separate post each week naming the prize and if you are interested in it, simply leave a comment on that post to be entered in the drawing.

Have Fun and Happy Stitching!

Guiltless Dragonfly Photo from Laura M

Laura M has kindly shared pictures of Guiltless Dragonfly adapted to a Mattress Pincushion for a Hooked on Exchanging project. I've never tried making a mattress pincushion and didn't join this exchange but I think she did a marvelous job on it and I hope her partner will enjoy it! Thanks, Laura, for stitching the chart and sharing the pictures!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Roberta's Flowers Fob Photo from Cathy B

Cathy B sent pictures of the Roberta's Flowers Scissors Fob that she stitched for Jill. As always, Cathy did an excellent job on the stitching and finishing! Thanks Cathy for stitching the chart up and for sharing the photos - it is so nice to see the fob being modeled by the Gingher scissors that inspired its design! Cathy and Jill both have pictures on their blogs as well - I hope you will visit them. You have probably already been to their blogs, but if you haven't, you are in for a real treat! They always have lots of stitching to see.

Koi Pond Photo from MiC

Another fabulous finish to share - this time from MiC! She stitched Koi Pond and made it look better than my original design! If you look closely at the picture you can see that she added areas of blue half cross stitches that really add to the design - beautiful!! I so appreciate seeing how stitchers interpret designs and add their own creative touch to make each one special! Thanks MiC!

Photos from Theresa

The next photos I received came from Theresa. (Check out her other projects on her blog.) She stitched the Roberta's Cats scissors fob but finished it as a floss tag. It turned out so cute - I just love it! It is so fun to see all the different finishes of the charts - each one is unique! Great job, Theresa! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Photo from Myra

Well as usual I'm running behind! Several stitchers have sent photos of their finishes and I haven't had much time to get things posted is catch up day!

Myra sent a photo of her first scissors fob that she has ever made and I feel very honored that she chose one of my designs, Roberta's Pups, for the project! She did a fabulous job and I would never guess it was her first one - look at that cording! I'm so glad that she is enjoying cross stitching again and I hope you will check out her projects on her blog. Thanks so much, Myra, for sharing your fob picture and I hope to see more of your projects soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Floss Tag Exchange From Deb!

Just a day or two after the exchange from Becky arrived, I was treated to another great exchange package, this time from Deb H for the HoE Floss Tag exchange.

Deb did such a great job on this exchange, not only on the beautiful stitching and finishing of the floss tag which I just love (more leaves and pumpkins! - It goes well with the piece from Becky, don't you think?) but all the extras were a delight as well. The coordinating paper floss tags are wonderful and Deb tells me she made them herself! I've been wanting to make some of these but my punches all seem to be too big or too small or the wrong shape, etc., etc., so I was very happy to receive them. She included some really cute finishing fabrics, needles, ribbons and the papier-mâché boxes it was all packaged in. She also included a really cute beaded bookmark that a friend of hers made - very colorful and jangly - love it, but I decided to use it as a doorknob decoration and it looks great! Thanks so much, Deb, for the wonderful exchange!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Exchange from Becky SC!

I cannot believe the wonderful exchange package I received from Becky SC! An absolutely gorgeous pinkeep that I just love! It was the perfect choice - a fall theme complete with pumpkins and cats designed by Homespun Elegance and exquisitely stitched and finished by Becky! I love the tall narrow shape which enables it to fit perfectly in its new home - tucked in the corner of my keyboard shelf of my computer armoire which is always open (I know - that kind of defeats the purpose of having a cabinet to keep the computer in!) It is much too beautiful to be put away at the end of the season so it will remain in its little corner year round so I can continue admiring it - which I will!! Becky, I hope stitching this beautiful piece brought you as much joy as the end result has brought me - thanks so much for the time and effort you spent on me! And in keeping with her well-known reputation for generosity in addition to her expert stitching and finishing, she also included (drum roll, please) "The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow" by Carriage House Samplings (WOW!) and JBW Designs "Autumn Harvest" (love this one, too), a spool of fall ribbon and a beautiful set of acorn & leaf salt & pepper shakers (which are currently on display in the living room)!!! I have been spoiled beyond belief - Thanks so much, Becky!

Finally!!! Blog Time at Last!

The last week and a half has been incredibly hectic! I feel like I've hardly had time to breathe, let alone do anything else. The weather is rainy here today so maybe things will slow down a little - I certainly hope so. If you have sent me an email this past week don't give up on me, I'm trying to get caught up on email, blogging and reading blogs to see what everyone else has been up to. Lots of stuff to blog about right now, too! I received two fabulous exchanges last week and although I have emailed my thanks to the senders, I have not had time to post the photos of their generous gifts - something I hope to rectify today!

First of all though I would like to take a moment to answer a couple of questions that have been posted to the comments.

First Berit asked about the fancy tools and scissors that stitchers seem to accumulate. Berit, that is half the fun of stitching! At least for me! I have a huge collection of embroidery scissors and I love them all - some are very expensive and some are really cheap but they are all wonderful to me. Check the needlework stores, the hobby and craft stores in the needlework departments, online shops, even Ebay - you will be surprised how many you can find and what a great variety is out there. If you need any further help on this, email me at xstch crzy2 @ yahoo. com (without the spaces) I will be happy to help as it is a subject dear to my heart! And another hint: keep an eye on my blog for something new in the next few days.

Next, Geraldine ask about joining an exchange group. There are lots of them out there - check some of the cross stitch blogs and I'm sure you will find links to many of them. They cover different designers, themes or finishing techniques so look for one you think you would be interested in. Except for a small Thanksgiving/Fall Harvest exchange I'm currently participating in, the only regular exchange group I've joined is Hooked on Exchanging. It is a great group of stitchers and has been a lot of fun. I think there may be some openings now but I'm not sure - you would need to check with Carol S or Cathy B - their contact info is on the Members Page. One of the Yahoo groups I'm in - bbinteractive · Brooke's Books Interactive - runs various exchanges also but I haven't done any of those yet.

Speaking of exchanges - I have really enjoyed the ones I'm in. It's fun getting to know your recipient by reading their blog and figuring out what they might like and not only stitching for them but shopping for a few extras as an extra treat. Then there is the suspense of waiting to see if they like what you chose (okay, that part is a little nerve-racking......okay a lot nerve-racking!) But, have you wanted to join an exchange but been concerned about the cost? I've been thinking about setting up an exchange group that is just for needlework smalls - fobs, needle cases, scissors cases, pincushions, small biscornus, etc. The only extras that could be included - a picture or postcard of the sender's area. I think this would be fun and the small size items and lack of extras would keeping mailing costs down as well and maybe make it easier for ones to participate even though they may be feeling the pinch of the tough economic times right now. Please let me know what you think - if there is enough interest, I'll see about setting it up.

One other bit of news......I've seen other bloggers commemorate their Blogoversaries with giveaways and drawings, etc. Well, mine came and went without much thought on my part except surprise that I stuck with it for a whole year! But now I wish I had done something like that, sooooo.............I'm going to have a contest of sorts and a couple of drawings. I am finalizing the details and prizes and will post them in the next day or two - hopefully tomorrow but I'm giving myself some wiggle room on that.