Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Just a quick post to apologize for not being around to post the winners of the drawing. I had an unexpected trip to tend to family matters and was out of town when the 3rd came and went. Now that I'm back, I'm catching up at work and at home this week so will probably not get to tend to the blog until this weekend. So please stay tuned....

Monday, January 4, 2016

Stitch Each Day Challenge Chart

My blogiversary is coming up on March 3 so I've decided to have two drawings to celebrate. One will be easy - leaving a comment on my blog between now and March 1st will earn an entry in the doorprize giveaway. The more you comment, the more chances to win. The second drawing is harder but the reward will be bigger. Is it better to know what the prizes will be or is it more fun to be surprised? (Here's a chance to leave a comment and help me decide.) Today's free chart is a challenge chart - stitch it up, get creative - add beads, buttons, charms, specialty stitches and threads, change colors, etc., etc. What will you do with it? Stitching tote? Pinkeep? Doorhanger? Notebook cover? Flatfold? Framed? The possibilities are endless and I love seeing how stitchers take a design and make it their own. Everyone that sends me a photo of their finished project will receive a small prize for participating and be entered in the 2nd drawing for the Grand Prize. All entries must be received by March 1st, 2016. The drawing winners will be announced on March 3rd, 2016.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 - A New Beginning

What is it about starting a new year with high hopes for better things? Each year we reflect on the previous year, our successes, failures, tragedies, joys, blessings and goals. Was it a good year overall or did the bad outweigh the good? Whatever the answer, we always hope the new year will be better than the last. It wouldn't take much for 2016 to be an improvement on 2015 so here is hoping that it is a better year. I can't control what events occur but I can try to cope better with what comes, look for every tiny bit of joy in each day and focus on the positive instead of being overwhelmed by the negative. Lofty goals...

November didn't go quite as planned. I did stick to my no-spending on anything but necessities but the necessities ended up being expensive. Starting with an unplanned veterinary visit to have Kitty Kat put to sleep which of course led to me being emotionally devastated for weeks. Stress, grief and my seasonal allergies kicked my asthma into high gear, totally out of control, which has required doctor visits and more prescriptions. Usually a good steroid shot and prednisone pack fix me up in a few days but not this time, going through another round and have added some new medications as well. Aggravating because I don't feel sick, but have no energy or strength to do anything due to the lack of oxygen. It makes me wonder how people with chronic and severe health problems manage each day.

To partially fill the huge void left by the loss of my precious Kitty, I have adopted a new cat. He is very amusing and has helped ease my grief. It's hard to get good pictures of him, though, he's so quick.
He doesn't really have a name yet, nothing has seemed just right. My husband calls him T for Trouble and I've considered Smoky, Scamp, Rowdy or Ruffian. Rascal would be perfect except we already have a dog named Rascal so in the meantime, I usually call him Li'l Stinker. I'm sure he will inspire a new cross stitch chart or two in the near future.

So here is to a new year, a better year, a more productive year. I want to stitch more, share more and enjoy life more. Lofty goals, but not beyond reach...