Sunday, August 2, 2015

Too Many Scissors? Never!

I love scissors. Pretty scissors. Pretty embroidery scissors. I'm always so excited when I see new ones and there always seem to be new ones these days. I can't afford to collect them as much as I used to but I still add some here and there. Quality can vary greatly and top quality scissors are a joy to use but that doesn't keep me from picking up some that are lesser quality but fun to look at and display - just makes stitching even more fun! My first pair of stork scissors got me started on a lifelong hobby of collecting embroidery scissors and they range from antique to brand new, expensive to free, sturdy to delicate, colorful to plain metal and everything in between! I love the variety and admire the creativity of some of the makers. Cute, pretty or just plain fun scissors can be found for less than $10 so treat yourself or a stitching friend!

I have already preordered the new Gingher Designer Series "Wren" 4-inch Scissors due out in September. I haven't yet heard anything on this year's limited edition that the Jo-Ann Stores usually have. If anyone has info on them, I hope they will share it here because I would really like to get them as well.
Gingher Designer Series "Wren" 4-inch Scissors
So for all the avid scissors collectors (I know I'm not the only one!) a new chart to keep those scissors company.

Life is Too Short for Ugly Scissors - pdf here