Friday, March 28, 2008

New and Old

First, thanks to everyone for the lovely comments you have left on the exchanges! I have enjoyed doing them and I'm happy that my partners have been pleased with the ones I have sent as well.

I have had several requests for the chart for the Dragonfly Fob I did for my friend Beth last year. The dragonfly on that one was an adaptation of another chart and even though I made several changes to it I didn't feel I could post the chart. Months ago I started over and made my own design and made it a smaller size more suitable for a fob. I hope this will be okay for those who have requested the chart. I would have posted it sooner but I kept forgetting to pull out the leftover threads to figure out which ones I used. I'm not 100% sure which of the ones I settled on using so I will list the ones I had pulled for the project and you can choose what to use. I know I used DMC Variations 4050 blended with DMC Light Effects E135 for the upper wings. Now here is the tricky part - I pulled DMC Variations 4030, Anchor Multicolor 1345, and Weeks Dye Works 2136 Caribbean - I'm not sure which I finally settled on, but I think I used the Anchor Multicolor 1345 and I blended it with the Light Effects E135 for the lower wings. I used DMC Light Effects E384 blended with the Weeks Caribbean for the body and the Light Effects E384 alone for the legs. The lettering on the back was done with DMC Variations 4030 and the cording and tassel was made with the Anchor Multicolor 1345. I used Mill Hill Magnifica Glass Beads #10104 for the eyes and around the edges and I added a few Swarovski crystals around the dragonfly. See why it has taken me so long to post the chart? The chart was easy but listing the threads wasn't!

Long story short, if I was going to do it again I would just use the two DMC Variation flosses and the two Light Effects colors like this: DMC 4050 blended with E135 for the upper wings - DMC 4030 blended with E135 for the lower wings - DMC 4030 with E384 for the body - E384 by itself for the legs and specialty stitches - E135 by itself to outline the wings - DMC 4030 for the lettering on the back, the backstitched edges, the cording and tassel - Mill Hill Magnifica Glass Beads #10104 for the eyes and edging.

***Edited: I forgot to mention, I used opalescent fabric to stitch on - it really gives it that special sparkle! And I have added a second version of the back - I realized I used the version without the apostrophe the first time.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Exchange Reaches Its Destination

Cathy B sent a message that my biscornu for her did arrive yesterday, so it is okay for me to post the pictures now. I'm sorry to say my pictures don't really do it justice, the Swarovski crystals that add so much to the beauty of the piece don't show very well in the photos. It was the first biscornu I have ever made and I may make more some time. I would much rather maker scissors fobs though.
And here is a picture of the entire exchange package that I sent. The Little House Needleworks chart was from Cathy's wishlist - I was hoping she hadn't already received it from someone else.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March Marches On!

It is so hard for me to believe this month is almost gone! I think the older I get the faster time passes....and it's leaving me in its dust. I have been busy stitching, mostly for gifts and exchanges. A few of them have arrived at their destinations, though, so I think I will post a few pictures. I have received some lovely things as well, so today is Show & Tell!

First is the Hooked on Exchanging Scissors Fob package I put together for Nela in Venezuela. It was my first exchange and I had great fun checking out her likes on her blog, shopping for her and choosing the design to stitch. I used a chart from a kit, changing it a little to look like her cat, Minina. I gathered from her blog that she really liked cats, roses and the color pink, so my theme was set. I was so excited to get it sent off to her, posting it a little early and sending it International Priority so it would arrive in 6-10 days.....and the weeks dragged on....and on....and on......I began to panic and decided to start over and resend. The very day I had decided to start restitching the fob, I heard that the package was being held in customs so I had to send Nela a list of everything in the package so she could claim it. That was no problem, but I felt like it somewhat spoiled the surprise for her. I 'm so sorry it was such a hassle for her to receive it - I hope that she feels it was worth it. And finally, today, I have word that she actually has it all in hand!!!

While I was waiting for my scissor fob for Nela to reach her, my own fob exchange package arrived from Melissa. It's a Drawn Thread design stitched on R&R fabric with silks. She also sent some extra goodies - some calico fabrics, Dark Chocolate Peppermint Stick Cappuccino mix and some cute Mary Engelbreit notecards and sticky notes - way too cute! THANK YOU, MELISSA! Here is a picture of the whole package and one of the fob attached to a pair of my scissors.

Now I'm waiting for my biscornu package to make its way to my exchange partner. I thought it might arrive today or tomorrow. In the meantime, I received my biscornu from the exchange from Perri in Australia. It came in a brightly colored gift box with purple stripes and circles in several shades of pink. She sent a beautifully stitched and finished biscornu using a design from one of my friends (and favorite designers!), Barabara Ana! I read on the HoE blog that this is Perri's first exchange and she did a wonderful job putting together a special package. Along with the expertly done biscornu (Her blog tells me this is the first biscornu she has made, but you wouldn't know that from looking at it!), she also included a very generous piece of 32 count Summer Khaki Belfast linen, a skein of beautiful Australian hand-dyed size 8 pearl cotton, a package of Size 26 (my favorite size to use) Piecemaker needles and a really cute "Twisted Whiskers" spiral notepad. Thanks for everything, Perri!!

And speaking of Barbara Ana - she has some new designs out - you can preview them here. She also has a new freebie design available here.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Design "Trailer" from Faby

In the movies they call them trailers - those film clips they release to build your anticipation for a new film. Well, Faby is doing the same thing with her new design she is working on. And it's working!!! I can hardly wait to see the whole thing! If you want to join me in the suspense, visit her blog and preview the delightful new design she is working on. She not only has free charts for you, but her blog is visually stunning as well. I know you will enjoy the trip.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Garden Chart

Today's chart is an old one out of the archives on my computer. It is one of my early, early charts that I wasn't quite satisfied with but set aside to refine someday when I had time.'s still waiting. I'm posting it anyway, maybe that will push me to play around with it and make some adjustments. Any suggestions would be welcome. It is typical of me though - no fractional stitches, no backstitching and only one French knot (which I would probably replace with a bead). I think it lends itself well to customizing with buttons and charms and whatnot. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

March Madness Begins

As usual, I'm running behind - on everything! Writing down my goals didn't seem to help me much so I will just have to muddle through like usual. So first things first. Monique sent me some pictures of the coffee fob she stitched using one of my charts that she has altered to read Coffee Addict. Very cute! I hope you will take time to visit her blog and see the other fobs and projects she has stitched. She and I have in common the love of small quick projects and especially scissor fobs! I think I will chart another coffee one using her Coffee Addict idea.

I love seeing what stitcher's do with my charts - I like that each one gives their own personal touch to what they do. I have often bought charts just for one little area of the whole design, knowing full well that one little area is all I will stitch. And I love pulling out little motifs, etc and using them on scissor fobs (of course!) and other small projects.

If you have stitched any of my charts, even if you've made changes to suit yourself, whether in the design itself or color changes, I would love to see photos and post them here for others to see.
If you hesitate to do so because you are afraid I will be offended because you have changed the design, don't worry! I've been making changes like that since I first started stitching!