Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hummingbirds Are Back!

I love fall but it comes at a cost. My favorite part of summer is watching hummingbirds darting around, swooping and screeching, hovering and sipping, glittering jewels on wings. I'm always sad to see them leave as summer fades into fall but I love the way my heart jumps at the first sighting of their return in the spring.

I have long wanted to design a hummingbird alphabet, something easy and quick to stitch, not a lot of color changes and backstitching, etc. I finally took some time to get it done, I hope other hummingbird lovers will find uses for it, too. I think it is very versatile, and can look very different with color changes, additional backstitching, beads, metallics, etc. Today's chart is just the upper case letters. I have also charted the lower case and numbers, but will post them another day.

The .pdf file is in Landscape format so you will want to set your printer accordingly.