Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coffee Break Scissors Fob

Well, setting up this blog has certainly re-kindled my interest in designing and stitching! I've been very busy tweaking some of my old designs as well as charting some new ones to post here in the days ahead. Don't be surprised if you see different versions of a chart as time goes on - I frequently use a chart as a base for a new idea I have for it. For instance, the heart outline I used in Kortney's Hearts, has been the basis of many scissors fob designs as well. I love scissors and love to decorate the ones I collect so expect to see lots of fob designs!

Today's chart is "Coffee Break Scissors Fob." I haven't stitched it yet, I thought I would work on it at lunchtime today. If I decide to change something as I go along, I'll post the changes here.

For larger view, click image.



Anonymous said...

Darling scissor fob. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog. very nice. thank you for this freebie.

Danielle said...

I will soon be stitching the Coffee Break scissor fob and the Coffee mug mat as a pinkeep. I would love to see more coffee designs and also some quaker designs that would look good stitched with overdyed threads. Thanks for the great patterns!

-- Danielle

nela said...

ohhh esto es lo que nesecitabaaaaaaaaa graciasss sera mi etiqueta de ltaza del intercambio de te de sbebb... puedo cambiar cafe por te verdad?

Anonymous said...

I've finally managed to get around to stitching this up, and love it! Just need to have a finishing weekend to make it into the actual fob :)

ghemulet said...

this is so cute...I saved the patterns and hope to have some free time next week to stitch it