Friday, December 26, 2008

Beautiful Finishes from Sheila

Sheila B sent photos of the beautiful biscornus she stitched using the Roberta's Flowers Biscornu and Guiltless Dragonfly Biscornu charts. They are just gorgeous and beautifully made! Thank you so much, Sheila, for sharing your beautiful work! I hope everyone will take a few moments to visit Sheila's photo albums - she has lots of great finishes to see - lots of biscornus and other stitching and some absolutely spectacular beadwork!
I have been so busy with work, the Tiny Treasures Exchange and now traveling to visit my family that I am sadly behind on posting all the lovely photos that have come in the last couple of weeks - a situation I am hoping to rectify this weekend. I must apologize to all the generous stitchers that have kindly shared their stitching photos and are patiently waiting for me to post them. I intend to have them all up before the end of the weekend and hopefully a new chart as well. Thanks for visiting!


Lori said...

Sheila! really cute biscornu! love those colors!

Cindy F. said...

Sheila did a beautiful job on these!
Hey, the link under her name isn't working. (click on Sheila B and it's not linked) Maybe it's just me:)
Can't wait to see a new chart:) We truly appreicate you sharing these treasures with us!

Stitchhappy said...

Thanks, Cindy, for letting me know the links were not working. I get so aggravated with blogger sometimes on the hyperlinks because you put the url in and it will add in the middle of it and then it won't work! Grrrr.... I think it's fixed now.
Sharon M

Donna said...

Beautiful It is just beautiful!

LoriRay said...

That's very pretty! I haven't tried a biscornu yet but I'm going to in 2009 for sure. :-)