Friday, November 14, 2008

Photos from Theresa

The next photos I received came from Theresa. (Check out her other projects on her blog.) She stitched the Roberta's Cats scissors fob but finished it as a floss tag. It turned out so cute - I just love it! It is so fun to see all the different finishes of the charts - each one is unique! Great job, Theresa! Thanks for sharing the photos!


Theresa said...

Thanks for the compliment!! Your design made it fun to stitch, I enjoyed stitching it very much!! Keep them coming~ ^^

Anonymous said...

Yes the design are so smart that one is always rotating around their hands creatively to stitch them precisely.

Unknown said...

WOW Love this little floss holder, but how/where can I get the 'hole' to hold the chain in?
Not use to neat little gadgets I guess. Sorry.