Friday, May 2, 2008

Photos to Share

I had a nice surprise in my email today. Alexa sent some photos of the Smaller Octogon Snowflake Fob that she stitched and finished. Thanks so much, Alexa, for sharing your finished work, which is beautifully done! And I love the artistic nature of the photos themselves. She and Faby have a knack for making the photos extra interesting - I'm doing good if I even get a picture in focus. (Case in point - see my cat's photo in the sidebar - sigh...) I hope you will take a peek at their blogs, you will enjoy the visit, I'm sure!


Anonymous said...

thank you for your comment. Before the end of the week, I'll write one to show your blog and your so nice charts. Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

You have very nice chart and embroidery!! Thank you very much!
Maria del Valle

mumudessecrets said...

many thanks for your beautiful blog and congratulations for your free chart so pretty
Amitiés de France