Friday, June 5, 2015

Lisa of Sleeping Double in a Singlewide is hosting a giveaway contest on her blog. The prize is a lovely scissor frog - for a chance to win, just visit her blog and follow the instructions on her post of June 2, entitled A Giveaway! Hop To It! Her goal is to add to her reader base so stop in, enter her contest and check out her stitching pics!

This has got me to thinking how long it has been since I have done one myself. Time to put on my thinking cap and figure out a nice prize to get excited about. Any suggestions?

In the Loop

No stitchy picture today but I thought I would post a new one of the Cat in Charge. He is still supervising all activities in his domain and always wants to be "in the loop." Here he is in the middle of the aquarium cleaning operation a couple of months ago.

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