Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thanks for the Encouragement!

Thanks to everyone who has left comments encouraging me to continue in the new direction I've chosen to go. In the past I hated to post if I didn't have a new chart ready to put up at the time since that was the purpose of the blog. I often have charts ready except they won't post to blogger straight from my design software, so I have to print them, then scan them and then save them as a jpeg file before I can upload them. Nothing hard, just a bit time consuming, and as any stitcher knows, time is the most precious thing of all! I will hopefully figure out an easier process, but until I have time to do so I will just have to keep plugging along as is. So lately I've been trying to get more stitching done which means less posting.....sigh. I wish I could quit working so I would have time to do more of both. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to give up eating......or having a roof over my head.

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